ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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NFC product

Hello, does Android phone can serve as the NFC reader and support Fast Transfer Mode(FTM) in this diagram? If yes, what is the speed?Is FTM unique to ST NFC tag products?Thanks!

xhli by Associate
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I have learned that STEVAL-SMARTAG1 can power MCU through EH of ST25 to achieve wireless transmission function, then can I replace the digital sensor with a thermocouple as a principle to collect data?

Resolved! ST25 tag with wireless charging

I understand that in order to prevent wireless charging from affecting the ST25 tag, capacitive elements are added inside it. But are there any examples of wireless charging through ST25 combined with Qi?

NFC for smart door lock

Hi all,I want to start a project with NFC for smart locks. I don't have experience in NFC. Could anyone please help me select NFC IC for the below requirement?1. smart door lock system.2. lock and unlock with only smartwatch and mobile, not with card...

ST25R3918 Read Register Shift Right

Hello,I'm working on a project where I'm using the ST25R3918 with RFAL libraries. Initially, I read the IC identity register and performed a right shift. Why did I perform this right shift?I modified the read register function, added a right shift, a...