ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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iOS NFC Multi-Area Reading Issue

I'm encountering an issue with NFC functionality on iOS, specifically related to reading multiple areas. I have an NFC tag that stores data across three distinct memory areas. Using an Android device, I can effortlessly access all three areas with ju...

acarello by Associate
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Resolved! st25dv bidirectional mailbox example

Hi,I am looking for bidirectional mailbox example for the st25dv chip. I have an ANT7 nfc connected to a nucleo with the NFC7 mailbox example and the NFC Tag iOS App. I can read the mailbox stuff send from the Tag to the iOS App. But the other way ar...

CWies.1 by Associate III
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ST25RU3993-HPEV firmware

HelloLast week I received the ST25RU3993-HPEV devlopment kit. I have already downloaded the SDK and tried it out. Unfortunately, I have not found any information on how to write firmware for the board myself. Is that even possible? Or is there a way ...

NFC03A1 rfalNfcInitialize return 36

we are observing weird error during initilization...enclosed the log dump (board2_init_fail_log.txt and ll13_01_board2_success_logs.txt)on Raspberry pi with 2 NFC03A1 boards (SPI3.0 works well, SPI0.0 fails)2 independent binaries are being used with ...

venukrish by Associate III
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