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Large size FFT

Hello,I have a large sample array of 2^22 values, coming from a high speed ADC, and saved in a RAM.I need to perform a FFT on this array. No real time considerations are needed, so the operation can take a while (several seconds for example), no prob...

CORDIC q1.31 to integer conversion

Hello everyone. I want to understand the CORDIC engine, using the nucleo-u575zi board. The guide says that the cordic uses data in q1.31 format. Could please someone explain how to convert results into an ordinary int value? And how to convert an int...

Skfir by Associate III
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CORDIC with DMA is not woking when using LL drivers.

Hi,I am trying to use CORDIC in DMA mode in STM32G4 using LL drivers. However, the data from the input buffer is not being transferred to the CORDIC WDATA register. But the data from the CORDIC RDATA register (the initial value zero) is being transfe...

AR.10 by Associate
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Does STM32G431CBU6 support cordic?

This is the only µC from the family which has not CORDIC according to the page here: this true? why is this the only from the family to not have cordic function?

ALedi.1 by Associate III
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