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MDF and ADF: input data from RAM

Is it possible to use the awesome MDF and/or ADF on STM32U5 with input data from RAM? I have not found any configuration for BSMX for this. One use case is an high performance external delta-sigma-demodulator (ADC) on SPI with proprietary data format...

FB1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Confusion with MDF and its SPI/Manchester setting

Hi all,We are trying to wire a microphone to the STM32U585. The microphone (T5838) outputs PDM and takes a clock as input.As far as I understand, the MDF peripheral supports PDM interface (as stated in RM046, Rev 4, 39.1), so it is compatible with th...

Resolved! Stoping MDF (ADF) clock output

Greetings,I'm using a low power microphone and would like to turn it off when not in use. That is done by turning off the clock to microphone, which is generated in ADF as output clock. Stopping sample acquisition (either by TRGO using window mode ac...

btd5 by Associate II
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