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STM32G474 FDCAN tx buffers

Since the description of the FDCAN controller in the reference manual ofthe STM32G474 was not detailed enough, I looked around for more Informationand found the Application Note AN5348 ("FDCAN peripheral on STM32 devices ").But that didn't make me fe...

ULehm.1 by Associate III
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Problems with CDC and FreeRTOS streams

I'm experiencing a weird race condition / hangup with an application that I've built for my STM32F407VGTx. Basically I connect to the device via a USB cable and open a terminal to type commands on the device like a CLI. Everything works fine until I ...

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 8.21.27 PM.png
bdill.1 by Associate
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Programing firmware

I am developing a board using the STM32H725. We are currently programing each board using the STM32Cube    programmer and then we send the PCB on a test bench to test each card. This step that seems to be quite simple but it actually adds additional ...


Hi everyone.I Have worked with STM32h723 arm processor FDCAN bootloader. but I faced a strange problem in writing data into flash. I can successfully make processor go to FDCAN bootloader and get responses from it but can't write data in some address...

majid1 by Associate
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Resolved! FDCAN monitoring bus when MCU in sleep mode

Is it possible for STM32H5 to monitor the CAN bus when MCU is in sleep mode? Upon CAN bus activity detection, MCU automatically performing the wakeup sequence to be back in normal run mode.

Imre by Associate II
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STM32G474 FDCAN BitTiming Register values?

Hello All,I got Classic CAN running on the FDCAN3 module of STM32G474CE device using MXCube and other example projects for STM32G474 devices.Problem is, all these example codes have a fixed baud rate of 1Mbps. My application requires thebaud rate be...

ma.alam9 by Associate II
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Help with FD-CAN filter

Hello,I work with STM32G484, with FDCAN. I want to create filter so only messages with my own CAN_ID will reach HAL_FDCAN_RxFifo0Callback.I started by define the filter:filter.IdType = FDCAN_STANDARD_ID;filter.FilterIndex = 0;filter.FilterType = FDCA...

prigo87 by Associate II
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STM32 FDCAN Send CAN messages without ACK

Good morning:I'm working with the STM32G431KB on my own board. In the project we send messages thanks to the FDCAN HAL module driver layer for wakeup other ECU by expecific CAN messages. Situation:I am working using Polling mode for FDCAN: hfdcan1.I...

Can't use FDCAN alongside TouchGFX

Using an STM32H750B discovery board, I'm trying to set up FDCAN. However when I activate either FDCAN1 or 2, the clock configuration needs to be adjusted, as by default, the FDCAN receives 200MHz, but van only accept up to 100. If I run the automatic...

Fixr by Associate
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