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Here you will find community guidelines, "how to" articles and important updates about the community platform.
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ST Community Ranking System

ST Community members are divided into tiered ranks which reflects how active and helpful they are. As you actively participate in the community through asking and answering questions, providing Accepted Solutions, you will advance in the community’s ...


Flagging posts for moderation

We foster a supportive and inclusive community where members can freely ask questions, share their experiences, express their opinions, and engage in discussions related to their design projects. Our goal is to create a platform where everyone feels...

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How to search

The best way to find an answer quickly and effectively for your question is to make good use of the search tool available in the ST Community. Chances are that a question, which is similar (or identical) to yours, has already been asked - and answer...

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Help others to solve their issues

“Accepted solutions” are much more than a simple green checkmark next to a subject. They are instrumental in helping community members find answers to their questions faster and more effectively. The “Accepted solutions” mark also helps community me...

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How to post

Posting a question or starting a discussion in the ST Community is simple and should look familiar to you if you have used an online community in the past - or even a standard text editor! Hover your mouse over a category of the community from the t...

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How to set up your profile

Digital communities can go a long way. We hope you enjoy working and exchanging ideas with fellow members. To foster good interactions and help community users know who you are, we suggest you set up your profile. Navigate to “My settings” at the to...

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Getting faster and better answers in the community

General tips1. Update your profile with your photo/avatar and update your nickname. In “About” tell us a bit about yourself. This helps other members identify you more easily, which will, in turn, lead to faster answers and more helpful conversation...

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Finding your way in the ST Community

The ST Community is divided into different categories with different goals: Product forums, Knowledgebase, Academy. You can access these areas using the top navigation menu.• The Product forums centralize the questions posted live in the ST Communit...

ST Community Terms and Conditions

ST Community Terms and Conditions   These T&Cs apply to Your use of the ST Community Site.  You agree to abide by these T&Cs whenever you Use the Community, navigate through its pages or resources, or read or use documents and information posted on ...

ST Community welcome guide

Welcome to the ST Community!Looking for solutions and tips to overcome your design challenges? You are in the right place! Find answers to your questions and share insights with your peers and ST experts. Join discussion threads, read articles in th...