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SPC582B NFC06A1 demo fail

Hi everyoneGood day~I have been working on "SPC582Bxx_RLA AEK COM NFC06A1 Key Detection - Trunk System Control" recently and it seems there are several issues that I have encountered:1. The SPI pin OERC needs to be set to "Strong Driver".2. The "plat...

rsiigod by Associate
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How to point engine_start2?

This is the sample program I used.This is sounddb.s .When I DEBUG a variable, I find that these pointers point to the same address.I used two audio files. How do I have my program play the second audio file directly?I modified the userFunction as sho...

WMa.2 by Associate II
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Hi DearI try to build a test setup with AEK-AUD-D903V1 and AEK-MCU-C1MLIT1 follow the user manual um2719, when I modifed the "application.ld" document, an error was generatered.    .sounddb : ALIGN(16)    {        __sounddb_start__ = .;        *(.sou...

zliu.1 by Associate
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Where is the path of the spc5studio header file

Why can't I include the system standard header files? Why can I generate files even if there are problems as long as the console is fine when compiling? Finally, I can burn the program into the chip and run it successfully.

WMa.2 by Associate II
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hi im working on FDA903D AEK AUD D903V1 autodevkit, im trying to send information from an NXP MPCU5748G microcontroller through I2C AND I2S.

i have set enables 1,2,3 and 4 as 1100 which is address 2 , but for some reason the speaker is not open and voltage is not passing through it which means i cant move on and give orders through i2c registers, can you please explain what the reason mig...

aturk.2 by Associate II
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Is the board important for the AVAS project?

Hi, i have a AEK-AUD-D903V1 evaluation board and i want to make a simple AVAS project. I don't have any board with SPC582Bx microcontroller board. Can I implement this application to stm32 board ? if i can, how should i progress ?

aozba.1 by Associate II
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