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NUCLEO STM32U575ZI-Q USB Device CDC Problem

Hello, I am trying to use the STMicroelectronics classic USB device middleware to implement a CDC class in the STM32U575 microcontroller. I am currently working on NUCLEO-u575ZI-Q. At first, I followed the tutorial on "How to use STMicroelectronics c...

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STM32H755, is the clock too slow?

Hello everyone, I'm working on an STM32H755BI (industrial temperature range), and i'm quite disappointed by the maximum clock reachable from the system.As can be seen, the MCU can reach up to 480MHz in the core M7 and 240MHz in the core M4.After mont...

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halbeeee by Associate II
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Configuring NUCLEO-H755ZI-Q at 480MHz

I'm trying to configure NUCLEO demo board at 480Mhz but I'm not able in any way, the following clock configuration seams to be correct, no conflictsBut the code will permanently hang on on the following configuration lineIf I comment the line while(!...

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GMG by Associate III
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Resolved! fast consecutive ADC Sampling for large chunk of data

Hi Everyone, in my previous posts i pretty much beat the bush around this subject and i did get some good supportbut i keep getting stuck with this using STM32H743ZI2 Evaluation board set to 32Mhzthe ADC is 16 bits and running on "fast chann...

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shahaf321 by Associate III
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PLL is enabled on power on?

I'm trying to migrate my code away from Platformio, which I've previously been using, to cmake (currently using it with clion and openocd).I've got everything working but when I run my code I run in to one problem.For some reason the PLL is enabled a...

Dvan .8 by Associate II
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