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Stm32f469i Display is splitted in 4 Rectangles

Hello,I'm currently trying to program an STM32F469I-Discovery REV-B-01. I'm using the BSP files from STM32Cube_FW_F4_V1.28.0.What I want: Just a white screen with "Hello World" at the top. What I'm facing: Look at the picture. This is my Code:  BSP_...


Resolved! STM32H755 FMC LCD working on M4 core but not on M7 core

I'm using an STM43H755 (on a NUCLEO-H755ZI-Q) and I need to send pixels to an external LCD module (320x240, 8bit MCU bus on ILI9341 controller, 3.3V compatible).I've used plenty of single core MCUs like F0, F4, F7 and others from ST in the past but I...

giorgio by Associate II
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STM32U5F display resolution

Hello,I read the AN4861 and try to determine the max LCD resolution for a STM32U5F without using external RAM. The lowest color is 16 bit, RGB656. I would like to use 1366*768, which should be 1049088 pixel, this should approx 1.9MB for the framebuff...

STM32 and ST7066U LCD doesn't work

Hi, I have and STM32F042 and an LCD with an ST7066U from NewHeaven Displays, it is a 3V3 specific version . I am trying to use 4-bit mode to save pins (I have enough pins for this project to use 8-bit but for future projects too it would be better fo...

CAlbe.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! stm32h747 discovery blank

i just received my brand new stm32h747 discovery board, on power-up it does nothing just two LEDs light up, according to the user manual it should be preloaded with a demo.I checked in cube prog and it reports as blank.Is it possible that my device g...

STM32F469I-DISCO NEW LCD Driver Missing NT35510

About a month ago (April 2021) I purchased STM32F469I-Disco from here in Germany, my first discovery board with display. Things went fishy from day 1, but only after more than 2 weeks of black screen I realized: my disco has a different scr...

ilyus by Senior II
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