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How does HAL_FLASHEx_Erase_IT work?

Hi guys!I'm here again needing yor help regarding the Flash memory function HAL_FLASHEx_Erase_IT. I was erasing the Flash memory using the HAL_FLASHEx_Erase function, but as i need to avoid any function that could block my program, I changed to the i...

OBorr.1 by Associate II
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EEPROM emulation error when using TIM timebase

I am using the example project from the xcube eeprom v3.0.0 as a reference to add EEPROM emulation to my project using the STM32G431RB. The example project works fine, but my project uses FREERTOS so I have changed my timebase source to a timer. This...

BPaik by Senior
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Interrupts in EEPROM emulation(AN3969)

I'm trying to implement "AN3969 EEPROM emulation in STM32F40x/STM32F41x microcontrollers" on STM32F407.According to the documentation, "Interrupt servicing during program/erase is possible".However, when actually installed, interrupts stop completely...

UpStream by Associate II
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How to fix the I2C slave issue with STM32G070? HAL_I2C_ListenCpltCallback, HAL_I2C_AddrCallback, HAL_I2C_SlaveRxCpltCallback, HAL_I2C_SlaveTxCpltCallback

Hi, I'm trying to setup a stm32g070kb (32pin) MCU as I2C slave by using CubeIDE.I would like to create a code which will work same as I2C Eeprom, but when I ask the stm32 (with another MCU) to return me a register or registers value, the returned reg...

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Resolved! Can I run EEPROM_Emulation on the STM32L552CCT6?

X-CUBE-EEPROM v5.0.0 includes a sample for NUCLEO-STM32L552ZE-Q.I am trying to use this sample for STM32552CCT6 to run EEPROM Emulation, but the EE_Init() execution results in an error.To begin with, is it possible to operate EEPROM_Emulation with ST...

tsato.2 by Associate II
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STM32H743 – Unique device ID register

dear ST / reader,our application uses the STM32H743. We need a unique serial number to be stored in this micro, in non-volatile memory, to uniquely identify each board. There’s no on-board EEPROM, so we were wondering if this device includes any inte...

TMA1of3 by Associate III
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virtual EEPROM parameters

I am trying to implement a virtual EEPROM on an STM32G0B1 Some simple implementations exist but i rather use the formal ST as described in: question, what are the guidelines for the START_P...

rcohe.1 by Associate II
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