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How to view histogram data on VL53L7CH and VL53L8CH

Guide to view histogram data on the VL53L7CH and VL53L8CH  We often receive questions on the ST Community regarding the histogram data on these products. The following article is written to assist you in viewing histogram data on your VL53L7CH and V...

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How to optimize your PCB design for MEMS sensors

Summary This article provides the basic rules to be followed to ensure an optimal PCB design based on STMicroelectronics MEMS technology. The reference for the layout guidelines is the technical note TN0018 available from “Do” and “don’t” rec...

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Which sensors can be chosen for liquid level monitoring?

Which sensors can be chosen for liquid level monitoring?Other sensors than the VL53L4CD and VL53L5CX presented during the webinar can be used (VL53L0X, VL53L3CX), but performances are not as good as VL53L4CD. Example code, API, and drivers have to be...

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How to choose a Time-of-Flight sensor?

How to choose a Time-of-Flight sensor?1. Introduction There are getting to be many Time-of-Flight sensors, and although there is a product selection page at it can be a bit of a challenge.So let me introduce each sensor group...

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