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32F417 IWDG - hardware watchdog mode question

If you set the IWDG to start using the option byte, the watchdog cannot be disabled subsequently. Am I right thata) the prescaler can be modifiedb) the counter itself can be reloadedItem b) would be a vulnerability, surely, because faulty code could ...

PHolt.1 by Senior
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IWDG findings

[This is a reconstruction of a thread I've started on Mar 26, 2017, but got lost in the two forum software transitions since then.]Reports in IWDG short period (125 us) problem  and STM32F407 : IWDG and erase flash sector  indicate that the IWDG does...

Power on built in test for STM32F446RE

Hello,   I am using STM32F446RE in my project and as per the project requirements I need to have power on built in test, initiated built in test and continuous built in test on STM32F446RE. Please let me know how different built-in self-tests can be ...

PAcha.1 by Associate
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HAL_FLASH_Program & Watchdog compatible ?

Hi, I have several programm where I use either the HAL_FLASH_Program command or some EEPROM command like EE_ReadVariable16bits (directly issued from the std "eeprom_emul.h" library).To make those command functionnal i had to stop the watchdog which t...

etour.1 by Associate II
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WWDG RESET Due to osDelay

Behaviour of WWDG on STM32L071KZUx.We are trying to read and write 256bytes from the Slave. In a specific case the Slave needs delay of 120ms to process the data when we add 120ms of delay in the MCU, the void HAL_WWDG_EarlyWakeupCallback(WWDG_Handle...

VSoun.1 by Associate II
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I am using a STM32G474 and testing it in a nucleo-64 board. When I enable the hardware window watchdog and the hardware independent watchdog my software does not run. it seems to get stuck after each startUp.

The hardware watchdogs is set through an option byte modification done by software and right afterwards the WWDG and IWDG init functions are called as well as the refresh API, called periodically. If I change my code to use the SW WWDG and IWDG then ...

AMija.1 by Associate
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STM32H7 WWDG expires during Flash Erase

I have been stuck on a tricky little issue for some time now.Using an STM32H753, on a reasonably large and complex application, when trying to erase the upper flash bank, the watchdog expires resetting the chip!My suspicion is that the CPU is stallin...

ADunc.1 by Senior
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