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Resolved! I’m trying to identify an ST component.

I’m trying to find a replacement for this device from a light dimmer. I think it’s a triac, but the numbers on the front don’t match any search results, other than a similar request on this forum, so I’m hoping that someone can help!   

OrrinC by Visitor
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T1610T-8i won't turn off above 60c, should work to 100c

I apply three phases at 115vac, 400hz.I apply a 10A load. I turn on the Opto-Triac (VOT8121AB), and current runs thru the Triac under test(TUT) (T1610T-8i) and ac voltage appears at the output (ex; see CSSI_R_PhaA_Out, loc=A5, of Attached schematic “...

Burtb6 by Associate
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TRIACs for Home AC Switching using T2035T-8G

I have been using the "Triac, SCR and ACS Simulator" to simulate the activation of a 10 Amperes load with T2035T-8G (as I am having issues with this component) and I was wondering why it shows a Tj extremly high (388ºC) if this device could handle 20...

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L6470 torque measure

Hello,    for a new project I am adopting the L6470 stepper driver. I need to be able to reveal of an unbalanced load.  For this purpose, I have to measure the different torque when rotating clockwise compared to the counter clockwise rotation.Lookin...

MRaff.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! L7987 and L7987L substitued parts

HI Sir,we have applied L7987 and L7987L on our touch display computer,we don't have enough stock for nowis there any substitued parts availablethanks�?With best regards,PZ​

PZha.1 by Associate II
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SPICE model for L9963E ?

Is there a SPICE model for the L9963E ?   I want to test the balancing functionality so I just need that part of it modelled.    Thanks

Someguy by Associate
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适用于便携式电子产品(如运动手表./医疗监护手环)的电源芯片推荐。供电电源芯片必备功能:集成度高,可充电,驱动STM32L4系列及传感器,LED等。供电电源芯片非必备功能:无线充电。 非常感谢! 

LiangWu by Associate
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STPM3X, Total Harmonic Distortion Calculation

I have stpm33 IC for one of our applications. I would like to calculate total harmonic distortion. Is it possible to read from registers of stpm33? If it is not, how can i get RMS value of the nth harmonic component from register? 

Noone_ by Associate
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