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Here you will find community guidelines, "how to" articles and important updates about the community...

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This forum is to raise questions or provide feedback only linked to the community platform.

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Unmark Solution is too hard to find

so it seems:https://community.st.com/t5/stm32-mcus-embedded-software/sd-card-no-file-system-error/m-p/641421/highlight/true#M45513On other forums, the 'Mark As Solution' just changes to 'Unmark Solution' (or whatever) - so it's always obvious, and in...

Distinguish "information" posts from questions

There's a lot of "information" posts appearing; eg,https://community.st.com/t5/stm32-mcus/how-to-obtain-and-use-the-stm32-96-bit-uid/ta-p/621443This is all very good & useful but, in the activity listing, they are indistinguishable from user question...

AndrewNeil_0-1706630711548.png AndrewNeil_1-1706630853302.png

multiple notifications for the same post

These two notifications refer to the exact same post:He couldn't have mentioned me without making a reply, so I really don't need two separate notifications!EDITAnd why are the two email notifications sent 7 minutes apart?! 

AndrewNeil_0-1707917580502.png AndrewNeil_0-1707917914560.png

Sometimes the editor magic does not happen

 This is something I haven't seen in last couple of months, but appeared and happens relatively often since last week or two.#updates_are_not_universally_good_thing#unnecessary_javascriptoiding_is_a_bad_thingJW


Is there a 'Mark all as read' ?

I haven't seen a  'Mark all as read' option - am I just not looking in the right place?ie, how to un-bold all of these - without having to open each one individually: 


Klunky Quoting

First, it is nice that the forum does now have some quoting ability at all; that's an improvement - thanks!But it is rather klunky:1. It only ever quotes an entire post in full - this is usually not helpful/useful.A decent quoting feature would allow...

Usability of feedback form

Hello everyone and speciallyone whocame up with this idea to insert text with Ctrl+V with this fffffffng boxIt wold be great if you doing plane text insert without this _tupidboxwhen pressed Ctrl+vHave a nice time, ST teamand this message I had:"Your...

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