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Start DAC and ADC at the same time

Hello,I am using a NUCLEO-H743ZI2 and program on the STM32CubeIDE1.13.2The purpose of my project is to create a 2kHz sine and to sample it at 40kHz at the same time.I would like to have no delay between the 12bits DAC and the 12bits ADC: that the fir...

sinus_raw_1s_trigger_correct-spect.png sinus_raw_3s_trigger-phaseMax.png sinus_3s_tempo_delay.png ramp3s_whole.png
Kévin by Associate II
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TSC problem when enabling Vdda

Hi,I'm developing a project based on the STM32U535VET, in which I have 12 touch buttons and a TFT display.Starting condition:I'm in a situation in which I'm reading the TSC channels and I'm having some "analog" problems. If the Vdda isn't enabled, th...

MDMA Block transfer only transfers one block

Hi all, i am trying to use MDMA to transfer data from a cyclic ADC-DMA buffermy ADC buffer is of x size and it is cyclic: adc_buffer[x]and i want to transfer its data via MDMA to a larger buffer while its samplingmeaning that after every ADC iteratio...

shahaf321_0-1708006211819.png shahaf321_1-1708006643985.png

ADC Value Distortion

Hello,I have been experiencing a problem with the usage of the internal ADC on my STM32L476RG Nucleo64 development board. Unfortunately I have not been able to find similar problems online or in the forums.I would like to use the highest possible sam...

pythomancer_0-1707984906191.png pythomancer_1-1707984934444.png pythomancer_2-1707984962233.png pythomancer_3-1707985262505.png

STM32L031F6 ADC read multiple channels

Hi,can anyone please provide help/sample/tutorial on how to read two different ADC Pins on my STM32L031F6 using STM32CubeIDE, idealy without DMA, but with would also work.I have two analog signals on PA2 and PA3 and would like to read them. I suppose...

durpex by Associate
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