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Resolved! Unexpected COMP1 behavior on STM32H723

Hello,I need to detect input when it goes over REF/2 (1.65V). I do supply VREF+ pin with 3.3000V.My signal has offset of 1.2V, and it will go over 2V when I apply signal to it.Everything is working, but it has unexpected behavior. I can only use nega...

Linas L by Senior II
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LPTIM count error on STM32L476RG

Hello,I am experiencing counting errors (specifically overflow counting errors) on LPTIM1.A bit of context first: the goal is to use the LPTIM1 to count pulses which are first treated by the COMP1 (to convert the input signal into an all-or-nothing s...

Does the Comparator Polarity Selection Work on STM32H7?

I am using an STM32H743ZIT6, and attempting to have COMP1 generate an NVIC interrupt when INP2 is lower than 1/4 Vref_comp. To this end, I set the POLARITY bit in the comparator configuration register to "1", which successfully 'inverts' the "cmp1_ou...

NickFF by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H5 Comparator always trigger interrupt

Hi. I get a STM32H5 Nucleo board (MB1814) and configured comparator with neccessary settings using CubeIDE and LL library and got next generated piece of main(void)   {   NVIC_SetPriorityGrouping(NVIC_PRIORITYGROUP_3);   SystemClock_Config...

CChen.19 by Associate
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How to use COMP on STM32g431c8T6? I found it not work correctly. The pol is noninverted When INP(1.6V)<INM(2v),the out is high. Only INP=0, the out is low.

void Comp1Init(void){ Comp1GpioInit(); RCC -> APB2ENR |= 1;  //20230506///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// COMP1 -> CSR |= 3 << 19;//TIM3 OC3 Banking of CSA p739 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// COMP1 ...

立张.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F303CBT6 TIM input interconection

Hello,The COMParator have option of connection him output to TIMer IC.But timer IC is after edge detection unit.How can I connect the output of COMPx to TIMx in input capture mod (internaly)?

AOrlo.2 by Associate II
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