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Resolved! What is 211 ST- EZ204 IC ?

Hello every ones; i found this component from ST: 211 ST- EZ204.Is a four pin Integrated circuit. does anyone know what it is? I cant found it data scheet

SMusc.1 by Associate II
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Reading STUSB4500 USB PD status via I2C

The USB PD status register is a combination of 4 registers.The question is when read, are they interpreted as big endian or little endian?so 0x91 0x92 0x93 0x940x91 = bit 0-7, or 28 - 31?0x92 bit 8-110x93 ...0x94 ...The manual and programming guide a...

fbrown by Associate
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Triac BTA41600B

hey guys,I need to buy a new Triac, the old component is BTA41600B, but there are other letters after this specification, for example: BTA41600B 7SABK VU PHL 7S 135.I would like to know about this feature 7SABK VU PHL 7S 135, as these BTA41600B I fou...

Resolved! M24512-W

Hi,I need help to identify a 512 Kbit serial I²C bus EEPROM from the M24512 series.I have two differents parts which appear identical, apart from one letter at the end of the reference : M24512-WG for the first one and M24512-WP for the second (photo...

pepito60 by Associate II
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VNF1048F device is in LOCKED state always

Hello Team,I have some problem with unlocking the VNF1048F chip using SPI communication, I have the got the read working but chip is always in LOCKED state and when I try to unlock according the sequence mentioned in datasheet doesn't work.I try to s...

Spice Model required for VIPERGAN50TR

Hi,Greetings,I have been using VIPERGAN50TR part quite some time. Now I want run simulation regarding the same.Kindly help me in finding unencrypted spice model.Thanks and Regards,Utham

UV by Associate
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Resolved! how to bling the led of STM32U5A97_DK board

hi everyone,i am suman, just started exploring STM32U5A9J-DK board. So I don't know how to access the led of that board. If anyone know how to do that, it will be very helpful for me.Thank you.

eyeamskd by Associate II
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Triac ASC 108 6S FQ41

Bonjour,J’ai un composant qui est détruit sur une carte mère, l’ancienne référence ST est ASC 108 6S FQ41.Pouvez-vous me donner la nouvelle référence qui correspond à ce triac.Je vous remercieBonne journée

Duval by Associate
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