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Resolved! Disable Sink and Sorce at Startup DRP1M1

 Hello,I am using the NUCLEO-G071RB and the X-NUCLEO-DRP1M1 with the X-CUBE TXPP Software Bundle.I created my project via the instructions from

VH by Associate
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Resolved! MCU hung after staying idle for hours

In our system with SMT32G041F6P6 powered by a battery, device gets to hung state when kept idle for few hours or days (randomly). We have already implemented a window  watchdog to detect any faults. Even with watchdog enabled, we are getting this han...

USB-PD over STM32G0 in default current mode

Hello,I'm testing USB Power Delivery (in dula role power) over STM32G0.I used ST wiki guide :'s works except for a specific case :STM32G0 is configured in DRP-Source wi...

Vvedr.11 by Associate II
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Waking up from RTC on a STM32G030

Hi all,I'm struggling for days why my RTC wakeup doesn't work.The program is running FreeRTOS, but I want the uC in Lowpower Sleep for 3 minutes.So I set RTC on 1Hz, counter 180 and internal wakeup.Activated the EXTI RTC interrupt.But it immediately ...

WSpar.1 by Associate III
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STM32G0 that just won't connect

Hey All,I made my first STM32 board using STM32G0B1RE, it arrived today, since it's blank I expected the MCU to jump into bootloader and start the DFU, however this did not happen, MCU was not detected at all by the USB, I checked further and USB DP ...