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How to use FileX with eMMC for file system management

Summary This article guides you on how to use FileX, a fully compliant FAT library for media storage and file system management with eMMC. In this example, the selected hardware is an STM32U5A9-DK board featuring anintegrated eMMC card readily avail...

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How to add external libraries in STM32CubeIDE

Adding external libraries in STM32CubeIDE Summary This article shows how to integrate a library, in the form of an achieve file (*.a) in your project, so you can use the functions of the library with a simple header file.  Introduction A library can...

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How to obtain and use the STM32 96-bit UID

Working with the STM32 96-bit UID Introduction Some STM32 MCUs embed two unique identifiers: a unique 96-bit unique identifier and device ID. This article shows how to both obtain these values in your code, and describe some possible use cases for t...

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How to use the STM32 ADC's internal reference voltage

Using the STM32 ADC's internal reference voltage Introduction In some applications, specifically battery-powered ones, it is common for the supply voltage to drop as the battery discharges. Sometimes, both VDDA and VREF+ is powered directly by the b...

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How to create a custom build setup in STM32CubeIDE

Creating a custom build setup in STM32CubeIDE This article covers how to create a custom build setup to allow users to customize, modify, and add specific build settings for each file, folder, or project. Introduction Creating a custom build in STM3...

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How to make an efficient bit-bang driver on STM32

Making an efficient STM32 bit-bang driver Introduction This article discusses the theory behind making a bit-bang driver as efficient as possible. In the bottom of this article, I have attached a single header file based bit-bang SPI controller mode...

How to add a BSP to an STM32CubeIDE project

How to add a BSP to a STM32CubeIDE project1. Introduction STMicroelectronics offers BSPs (Board Support Packages) for all STM32 Evaluation and Nucleo boards as well as Discovery Kits. In this article we will see how to add a BSP to your STM32CubeIDE ...

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DMA is not working on STM32H7 devices

DMA is not working on STM32H7 devices, or the transmitted/received data are corrupted. Polling and interrupt based methods for the same peripheral configuration are working. The problem is related to two things: memory layout on STM32H7 and internal ...

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How to debug X-Cube-AWS in STM32CubeIDE

The objective of this article is to instruct a user to be able to debug aws_demos of X-Cube-AWS project in STM32CubeIDE. Debugging helps the user understand the program flow and figure out which line of code could be causing any sort of deviance from...

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How to enable FreeRTOS™ Run Time and Stack Usage view

Enabling FreeRTOS™ Run Time and Stack Usage view In this article, we explore the FreeRTOS™ debugging viewers using STM32CubeIDE and how to enable "Min Free Stack" and "Run Time usage" in each task. Introduction To enhance the analysis and validatio...

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USB device not recognized

The USB device is detected by the PC (USB host), but the device initialization reports an error, like. "error code 10" on Windows. What is the problem?  When using the HAL libraries, the source of this problem can be a too small heap configured in th...