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Why would FLASH_FLAG_PGPERR and FLASH_FLAG_PGSERR be set after a successful flash write, and at power-up before any flash write operations?

I've written a flash-based bootloader for the STM32F4 using the latest STM32CubeMX tool and its HAL libraries. I've avoided all the usual pitfalls (it's not my first bootloader), and my code works reliably. I'm not erasing my bootloader segment, writ...

SHers by Associate III
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PWM DMA generation with variable period

Hi all,I am trying to generate a PWM signal with both variable pulse width and period. I think the HAL_TIM_Base_Start_DMA function can only generate it with variable pulse width but not variable period. I have checked the timer cookbook and found the...

OFN by Associate
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Menu items are NOT in English language

Hello Forum,I recently downloaded the latest version of STM32CubeIDE v1.13.0. Upon installation, almost all the items are displayed in English language except few items in Menu bar.My system locale is set to English - US. Still, I see some of the men...


STM32F4 + LAN8720

Hi all!I'm trying to send a page to the browser using a microcontroller. I use instructions and code from YouTube. I generate fsdata.c. I connect LAN8720 with a cable directly to the computer. As a result, the ping passes, but the site is not display...

ATima.1 by Associate
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Reflashing the bootloader firmware from ST

Hello,I am working with Nucleo-H743ZI2. Using ST Programmer I did full chip erase with Read protection option bytes as CC. Now am getting an error message cannot find STM32 target. I guess I have to reflash my basic firmware packages from ST but I am...

Freshna by Associate
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Resolved! Help debugging a USB composite HID device

I'm trying to create a composite HID device, mouse+joystick. I'm using the HID mouse profile as a starting point and then add a second interface. I also used an already existing example as a guide: the Arduino core based on the HAL is maintained by S...

fbar by Senior
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