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Why OTH_HS USB on STM32U5A9x just does not work?

While investigating for the firth evening in the row why OTH_HS USB on STM32U5A9x does not work I reviewed USB registers. There are quite few of them and in HAL some are them are named differently than in RM0456 (details here), but that is not the ro...

TDJ by Senior III
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Modifying linker to keep all ram after soft reset

Hi, everyone. I am using stm32l496 and I my application requires me to keep all data in ram after reset. Now i followed these instructions in this link. it works, like I expected but the thing is I wa...

HZaib.1 by Associate II
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STM32L476 SPI incorrect readings

I am trying to communicate with a spectrometer sensor using SPI protocol. With SPI default settings, I am using both arduino and Stm32L476 nucleo boards. (8Bits, MSB First, CPOL Low, CPHA 1 Edge).I read multiple registers from the sensor using both a...

RSath.1 by Associate II
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Hello, I have a question for you, does the ST company have a program for the Rust language?

AHass.5 by Associate II
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Resolved! USB on-the-go high-speed (OTG_HS) - core setup confusion

In RM0456 section 73.4.3 OTG_HS core (p.3279) I found the following statement:"The OTG_HS receives the 60 MHz clock from the reset and clock controller (RCC). This is typically generated in the PLL associated with the HS PHY and enabled in the RCC. T...

TDJ_2-1695126149597.png TDJ_1-1695125909206.png
TDJ by Senior III
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Resolved! SDMMC does not work after power cycle

Hi,I am using STM32H747. I have successfully write&read micro sd card over SDMMC2 peripheral while debugging. But after debugging, when I power cycle or reset the board, I am not able to use sd card. I see FatFS open file failing. The board is arduin...

serhat1 by Associate
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I am using hrtim to trigger the adc, but if the regular channel is not triggered with hrtim, it doesn't go into the interrupt of the ADC properly, I checked a lot of information and didn't find a solution, here is my code and cubemx configuration: N...

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iskan by Associate II
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STM32WB5MMG BLE problem

I make a board using STM32WB5MMG. The I2C and SPI communications are normal, but I find a lot of problems about BLE function.After using BLE p2p server.ioc (based on stm32wb5mmg) to generate the IDE project, the Bluetooth broadcast cannot be found an...

Lep by Senior
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