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Timer reset using RCC

The problem: if TIM2 is used prior to my code, then it gets stuck at a certain point, even though all the registers are properly set.* Here is the configuration of TIM2 registers when it works fine:(gdb) x/21 $TIM2_BASE0x40000000: 0x00000001 0x000000...

0xfab by Associate II
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Multiple channels used for TIM1

Hello,My final goal is to output two pulses from two separate pins, but not at the same time. My intention is to use TIM1 for my STM32F401RE board, as this is the only timer that allows me to set the repetition counter for the 'One Pulse Mode'. This ...

Kalle by Associate
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Resolved! PWM problems

Hello! Recently I got into STM programming for my internship and I cannot figure out register level programming yet, I have this piece of code ```RCC->AHB1ENR |= RCC_AHB1ENR_GPIOAEN | RCC_APB1ENR_TIM2EN;GPIOA->MODER |=GPIO_MODER_MODE5_1 | GPIO_MODER_...

Petrarka by Associate
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Resolved! inconsistent behaviour in TIMER and CCxR interrupt

Hi, I'm using an STM32L053R6Tx chipI've implemented at TMR2_interrupt hander it gets triggered on ARR overflow and CC1FI'm using the interrupt to trigger a GPIO output to work like a PWM the- GPIO is high when CNT is less than CCR1- GPIO is low when ...

evank by Associate
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Resolved! NUCLEO-U575ZI DMA->DAC doesn't work (USEF)

Hello everybody! I have a sine-wave array, that I throw to the DAC, triggering it by TIM6. When the TIM6 interrupt routine is responsible for supplying samples - everything works fine, but when I try to use DMA nothing works. The DMA keeps spitting t...

Skfir by Associate III
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Resolved! Problem with Pin A11 on STM32U595VJ

Hello,I've migrated an application from STM32L496VG to STM32U595VJ.Pin A11 is used as capture input TIM1_CH4.With U5 device the input on PA11 couldn't reach full level at 3.3V. I have the same behavior with 5 MCUs STM32U595VJT6 and PA11 is connected ...

STM32U595VJT6_PA11_NIO.png STM32U595VJT6_PA10_IO.png
SStor by Senior
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Resolved! STM32G431 tim_ker_ck, tim_pclk source

I'm looking into calculating the timings for the brk filters for the TIM1 periphery. Mentioned there is the "tim_ker_ck" and the "tim_pclk" respectively.I cannot seem to find any information on where these come from.The clock tree in the RM says that...

DMeie.2 by Senior
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