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Resolved! Debouncing

Can anyone help me with debounce code in C for Rising and falling edge interrupt??

sne_123 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32L452 LSE & PC13 Errata

Hi We use an STM32L452 with an external LSE (32.786 kHz) oscillator. We would like to use PC13 as a GPIO input with interrupt. In the errata sheet for the STM32L452 (ES0388 Rev9) I find the following entry:“2.2.12 PC13 signal transitions disturb LSED...

MMeie.3 by Associate II
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How to wake up STM32G070 on EXTI from stop1 mode?

I set up EXTI so I get interupt on the correct pin GPIO B.6. But I cannot get it to wake up from stop1 mode. I call WFI and RTC wakes upp the processor regularly but EXTI will not. Reading the reference manuel it says any interupt should wake the pro...

rickard2 by Associate III
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stm32h747i-disco writegpio no funtion

i want to add some work on food_recognize.c in fp_AI_VISION ,I want to use CN9 analog to control some leds but it doesn't work in first place. I can't control those pins with far i only see A0 always on and A1-A5 always off. On the same ...

wjian.2 by Associate II
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EXTI0 double interrupt on one edge

I developed a 62.5kbit synchronous self-clocked (similar to SDLC) communication firmware for STM32F412, to be interfaced with an old device via RS485.It works in "bitbanging" using a 16us interrupt timer (TIM11) to sample the bits and EXTI0 (PB0) int...

Guidoted by Associate III
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Accidental EXTI-Interrupts on STM32H735

Hello,maybe someone has an idea or can share an similar experience. Since I'm currently in the evaluation phase for selecting an MCU for our new industrial embedded project. I want to inspect and analyze this problem, to be sure the used MCU is worki...

AZorn.1 by Associate III
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