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Resolved! Missing info in reference manual

In the STM32L562 reference manual (RM0438), v7.0, the section 11.6.13 "GPIO register map" is missing the registers MODER and PUPDR (which are documented in the preceding sections).

SZano by Associate III
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I2C sensor on USART 2 Serial communication

Hello, I am using the embedded coder support package in simulink to interface with my onboard MEMS acceleration sensor (LSM303AGR) on my STM32F411VET discovery board. I could successfully connect and run simple LED program through USART2 on simulink ...

Resolved! GPIO read/write not working on custom STM32H735 board

Hello,I'm using a custom board based on a STM32H735 with various GPIO inputs and outputs. The STM32 is packaged as a 0.5mil pitch BGA and the board assembly has been outsourced.I'm able to flash a program on the MCU and debug it by adding breakpoints...

TerMarK by Associate II
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Bitwise shift left STM32F723

Hi there i m a student working on STM32F723 the first time, I encountered an register setting example as follows: GPIOC->MODER |= ((2<<(6*2)) \ (2<<(7*2)));  i konw its setting the GPIO register but whats the meaning of * and 2<< at the beginning sen...

StanJerm by Associate II
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How to detect what level digital input caused interupt

Hi  I have pin PA6 setup to interupt on high and low levels. I have done the following:GPIOA->MODER &= ~GPIO_MODER_MODE6; //PA6 as inputSYSCFG->EXTICR[1] &= ~SYSCFG_EXTICR2_EXTI6; //PA6EXTI->RTSR1 |= EXTI_RTSR1_RT6; //enable rising edgeEXTI->FTSR1 |=...

SSmit.13 by Associate II
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How to index different GPIO ports in one array

hi everyone.I'm trying to index different GPIO ports and pins.  #define STEP1_HALF1_PORT GPIOA#define STEP2_HALF1_PORT GPIOB#define STEP3_HALF1_PORT GPIOA#define STEP4_HALF1_PORT GPIOC#define STEP5_HALF1_PORT GPIOBGPIO_TypeDef *Half1StepPortNum[5] = ...

Integrating XPT2046 With STM32H750

I have used an XTP2046 Library with the STM32H750 Board (Bare metal HAL Without RTOS) Is working and and producing Correct results.But When i use a sample TOUCHGFX Project and only read the XPT2046 Value then I get into following problemsDebugger sho...

ZExpo.1 by Associate III
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