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Resolved! STM32U031G8Y6TR Availability

The STM32U0 Series is very interesting, and I would like to use the small WLCSP package in a design for a new product, but the  STM32U031G8Y6 is still in evaluation. Does anyone know when the STM32U031G8Y6TR will be available for purchasing?Thank you...

vard by Associate II
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STM32l496: Clocking timer using LSCO

Hi, I wanted to clock my timer output using LSE crystal, but unfortunately only tim2 is supported with this feature. But then I saw an option of LSCO as output in cubemx, this enables the pin on MCU and according to documentation this output LSE cloc...

HZaib.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Returning to STM32:: STM32U0 vs STM32L0

Bonjour, (in english below)J'ai travaillé sur un Nucleo-L053R8 de 2015 à 2019 (j'ai encore le Nucleo)Je reprends un travail analogue (réseau d'IoT basse énergie(LE) en milieu agricole, capteurs (certains nécessitant ADC), commandes, petits moteurs .....

Cube IDE Version: 1.15.0 failed at SystemClock_Config()

Hi :      I updated  STM32CubeIDE a few hours ago. Version: 1.15.0Build: 20695_20240315_1429 (UTC) Now it will failed at the SystemClock_Config() and missing arm_sorting.h void SystemClock_Config(void){RCC_OscInitTypeDef RCC_OscInitStruct = {0};RCC_C...

S_Ong by Associate II
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Resolved! AN6091 ('L0->'U0 migration) comments

This is not a discussion on the 'U0 as such (that'd need some time to sink in); just comment on the 'L0->'U0 migration document, AN6091. It's a very detailed and extensive document, and following items are just relatively insignificant minor issues/t...