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STM32F412 Multiple PWM Control Inquiry

I am developing a product using the STM32F412REFxLQFP64 chip, and I want to implement multi-PWM control. For TIM2 buzzer control: TIM_HandleTypeDef TIM2 PB10 ------> TIM2_CH3 TIM3 is used to generate a 1kHz waveform: TIM_HandleTypeDef TIM3 Channel 4 ...

KOPRO by Associate II
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STM32F4 SPI high level 5V

Sorry, I have another question to ask everyone. I'm currently using the Nucleo F429ZI with SPI interface to receive 12-bit encoded data from another ADC. The Vdrive of that ADC can provide 3.3V or 5V for driving. However, the high level of the STM32F...

Scarlet by Associate
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storing string's on flash

hi,I initialized string array with strings and type cast to uint32_t to store in flash memory as uint32_t. And then read the array as uint32_t. I update one of the string of the  array and type cast uint32_t to store that array in Flash memory back. ...

string.jpg memory.jpg
cjaya.2 by Associate II
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TIM1 in Encoder Mode but TIM1->CNT does not change

Hi, I'm interested in using Timer 1 on my STM32F439ZI to decode the quadrature signal from an encoder but TIM1->CNT doesn't appear to change. I'm not sure what is missing, the TIM1 config looks like: static void MX_TIM1_Init(void) { /* USER CODE BE...

debug by Associate II
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Regarding RTC Alarm Interrupt

Hello STM32 Community,I'm currently working with the RTC peripheral on an STM32F4 device, and I have a question regarding RTC alarm events.I've been able to generate interrupts at specific intervals, such as 250ms or 500ms etc, using the RTC alarm fe...

san123 by Associate
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Error Target MCU stm32f401cd

Salut la communauté, J'ai créé une carte électronique permettant de visualiser l'état de la batterie d'un ULM. J'ai utilisé le microcontrôleur STM32F401CD, et j'avais initialement prévu d'utiliser uniquement l'horloge interne HSI du MCU, donc je n'ai...

yassir by Associate
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Resolved! F411 ADC1 VBAT Reading Too High

Hi,I have a PCB with F411 as MCU.MCU VBAT pin is directly connected to battery positive pin.I try to use ADC1 to read the VBAT value. Here is the ADC1 init code:  ADC_ChannelConfTypeDef sConfig = {0}; /* USER CODE BEGIN ADC1_Init 1 */ /* USER ...

HDaji.1 by Senior
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Choosing right CPU in STM32

Hello, I would like to ask you as a beginner in STM32 what product (the best case is the product that is possible to buy with Nucleo kit) I should target to for the application I will describe here:I need to use two ADC channels with 1 MHz each and a...

Bootloader choice

I have a STM32F405RGTG MCU and want to load a bootloader on it. I am using UART and I2C and want to program it via USB-C. How do I chose the right bootloader? Does ST have original bootloaders I can use? Thank you.