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learning lrwan1

hello im doing a school project using a Nucleo-F411RE with a I-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 expansion, anyone got a good text or video tutorial how i connect the two boards?im using the stm32cubeide

STEVAL-ASTRA1B - GPS Not reading

HelloFP-ATR-ASTRA1  - platform STEVAL-ASTRA1B Using default firmware.Outdoor GPS reading is incorrect or not working, shows latitude: 0.0, longitude: 0.0,  Altidude: 100.0Request help to fix this.  

Astra1-info.jpeg Astra1-GPS.jpeg

STM32WL55 no rf

Good dayI am using the STM32WL55 chip for a project. I did preliminary tests using the NUCLEO-WL55JC2 Development board.I created a custom PCB following the design of the Development board.When I program the custom board with the same firmware that w...

SDu T by Associate III
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STM32WB5MMG BLE notification or Interrupt masking problem

I made a Demo using STM32WB5MMG to communicate with USB dongle or phone (BLE notification),AND I collect data from the MAX30001 (two interrupt pins PC10 and PC11, SPI1 communication) and the MAX30112 chip (interrupt pin PD0, I2C3 communication) by tr...

Lep by Senior
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Resolved! Can someone explain the function of SX_FREQ_TO_CHANNEL?

Hello,I'm working on an application that uses the NUCLEO-WL55JC development board. I was looking in the SubGHz_Phy_PingPong example code, and I noticed a macro called SX_FREQ_TO_CHANNEL. To use this macro, it seems you input the carrier wave frequenc...

AJ_1 by Associate II
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Question on the RF-PLL calculations

Hello,This is a continuation of questions raised in this thread.In the STM32WL5x microcontrollers, there is a Sub-GHz radio command called "Set_RfFrequency()". The arguments for this function are an Opcode, and RfFreq. However, you don't actually pas...

AJ_1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32WLE5JC Receiver Chain

Hi !   I read the datasheet, and it says: "The receive chain comprises a differential low-noise amplifier (LNA), a down-converter tolow-IF by mixer operation in quadrature configuration". 1. What is the GAIN and the NF of the diff. LNA ?       1.a Is...

KTrot.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Creating a LoraWAN server on an stm32 chip

I am making a device that is to take pulse outputs which have been converted to wireless LoRaWAN signals, and convert it back again into a hardwire pulse output. For the receiving device, I intend to use a modem board PN 109990166 connected to an STM...