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Hello,I will use stm32g473VC ADC2 working together with DMA.I configure ADC2, Input3 at Pin PA6 and DMA2 Channel1 to read 100 Samples from ADC after Start.At first call after cpu reset I receive the expected result:ADC:Value 4034 for Items 0->99, as ...

jhoerd by Associate
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More than one DSMPS on one MCU

I have developed a custom controller that uses the STM32G474RE to regulate the output voltage of two power supplies.I am now developing the code to implement a peak-current mode controller for each of the two power supplies.  Is there a way that I ca...

Triggering the DAC DMA with HRTIM

Hello,I am trying to trigger the DAC1 DMA off of the HRTIM Master channel using the hrtim_dac_trg signals on an STM32G474, but I am not getting any output on my DAC pin. The timer does seem to be running (I can see MCNTR incrementing in the debugger)...

0693W000003BQESQA4.png 0693W000003BPvpQAG.png
SMile.1 by Associate
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edge-blanking with 3-phase center-aligned PWM

Hello,Comparator in STM32G4 is very fast. some glitch which is detected by COMP (during commutation PWM).The overcurrent detection using internal comparator triggers below the theory (40A insteand 100A for example) I'm having trouble implementing the...

Help with FD-CAN filter

Hello,I work with STM32G484, with FDCAN. I want to create filter so only messages with my own CAN_ID will reach HAL_FDCAN_RxFifo0Callback.I started by define the filter:filter.IdType = FDCAN_STANDARD_ID;filter.FilterIndex = 0;filter.FilterType = FDCA...

prigo87 by Associate II
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DMA Transfer Complete Flag strange behavior

Hi, I am using 3 DMA channels of DMA1 on a STM32G4* to transfer data from the 3 ADCs to mem. At a certain point I want to make sure that all transfers are done and enter a while loop:  uint32_t timeoutCnt = 0; while(!LL_DMA_IsActiveFlag_TC1(DMA1) || ...

stryga by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G431 tim_ker_ck, tim_pclk source

I'm looking into calculating the timings for the brk filters for the TIM1 periphery. Mentioned there is the "tim_ker_ck" and the "tim_pclk" respectively.I cannot seem to find any information on where these come from.The clock tree in the RM says that...

DMeie.2 by Associate III
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STM32G473 BFB2 Not Working

BFB2 Set, but never enter Bank2 program.Boot0 = 0Boot1 = 1I can run the 2 programs from cubeide in there respective locations and ISR work when BFB2 is set for the BANK I am debugging in. However I never enter BANK2 program on resetting/powercycling ...

kip18 by Associate II
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