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STM32G431 - ADC + DMA using HAL not working

Hi,I am trying to make the ADC + DMA work a STM32G431CBT6 using STM32CubeIDE and the HAL library. I am used to making it work on other families like the STM32f103 etc.. However, here, when I program the processor using the debug mode and watch the co...

CRC calculation in STM32G4

Hi,I am working with STM32G491RE in my project. I have to transmit data through UART and I need to calculate CRC for that my application:txdata[0] = 0x78;txdata[1] = 0x04;txdata[2] = 0x11;txdata[3] = 0x01; I have to calculate CRC16 for txdata...

Incomplet SystemInit() for STM32G474

Hello,Recently I spent some time solving the problem of incorrect CPU operation. After generating the project (completely basic, only TIM6 set as TimeSource for HAL), the program diverged when trying to enter the interrupt from TIM6 (I'm guessing). K...

p2399 by Associate II
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STM32G431KB DAC DMA not working

Trying to get a basic sample DAC1 with DMA, triggered by TIM2 working. This should be trivial, works fine on SMT32F3. I'm using a Nucleo-32 SMT32G431.Using Cube IDE. The only non IDE-generated code in main is: /* USER CODE BEGIN 2 */   static uint...

PBieg.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to adjust Compare Value in HRTIM Basic PWM

Hello,currently I am using the NUCLEO-G474RE and the goal is to output a PWM signal simulating a sinewave. Therefore the duty cycle must continuously be adjusted.My issue is that I seemingly cannot do so.The Timer is configured as Timer D, TD1 output...

Matt1234 by Associate II
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Making an STM32 last at 150°C?

Are there any guides or tips on making an STM32 MCU last in a high temperature (~150°C) environment? Specific voltage or clock speed tweaks?The MCU would sleep most of the time, but now and then take and store some measurements.Would certain families...

StefanH by Associate II
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Resolved! Is there a possibility to read the HRTIM timer value ?

Hello,I'm planning to use the STM32G474 to read a pulse width. This width is a delay value in nanoseconds.I'm wondering if there is any possibility to use the High resolution timer (HRTIM) for that operation.I would use the events to trigger a rising...

Sidius by Associate II
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I am using hrtim to trigger the adc, but if the regular channel is not triggered with hrtim, it doesn't go into the interrupt of the ADC properly, I checked a lot of information and didn't find a solution, here is my code and cubemx configuration: N...

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iskan by Associate II
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