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Resolved! FDCAN2 doesn't seem to work with STM32G474e-EVAL board

I'm having problems getting my software to work with FDCAN2 on the STM32G474e-EVAL board. It works with FDCAN1, but w/ FDCAN2, messages accumulate in the Tx buffer until I get buffer fill errors.I built the FDCAN_Com_IT example from the latest STM32G...

ESchn.1 by Associate II
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STM32H743 fdcan not sending messages from FIFO

Hello everyone,I'm trying to use the FDCAN of the STM32H743 using the Tx FIFO. The board correctly receives all messages, but when trying to send them from the FIFO, it fills without sending anything. This is a piece of the code:if (HAL_FDCAN_AddMess...

NGiar.1 by Associate II
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how to send 5 frame in fdcan protocol ?

i am able only send 3 frame but i want send 5frame ,what i am doing wrong ? if (HAL_FDCAN_Init(&hfdcan2) != HAL_OK) {Error_Handler();} FDCAN_FilterTypeDef sFilterConfig;  sFilterConfig.IdType = FDCAN_STANDARD_ID;  sFilterConfig.FilterIndex = 0;  sFil...

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Disabling the pull-down on PB6 (UCPD1_CC1) via PA9

Hello,we currently have a problem using PB6 of an STM32G474ME as FDCAN-TX: During Reset, it is pulled down to GND, which we attribute to the USB-C functionality. This causes the FDCAN-TX line to send a dominant signal during reset of the STM32.As per...

BGott.1 by Associate
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STM32H730 FDCAN TxDelayCompensation

I use FDCAN in STM32H730 for communication over CAN-FD.At the moment it works with 500kBit/2000kBit without TxDelayCompensation. But we want to communicate with 1000kBit/4000kBit too. Therefore I want to enable TxDelayCompensation.I'm not sure how I ...

FDCAN data issue on serial Monitor

i have used the board nucleo stm32h745 Board.i have used can 1 and can2 for data exchange but my data is also showing with some simple text ,screenshort is attached. i am sending voltage text at can1 and hello at can2,and but i am getting some text w...

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Resolved! does CAN exchange data with FDCAN ?

i am using one side microcontroller stm32103 which have can1 protocole does this work with othere microcontoller stm32g0b1re which have FDCAN protocol.?does both communicate with each other ?will read and write the data?