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Using indications instead of notifications with BLE

Hello,I have a question regarding implementation of BLE on proteus and nucleo boards.I am struggling to understand how confirmation of indication is processed by the server (and also how does client provide this confirmation). There doesn't seem to b...

NRist.1 by Associate
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How to run Bluetooth

I am going to start a project using BLE. And the board I am using is e B-U585I-IOT02A. There is already a Bluetooth module on this board. And I was thinking, is the Bluetooth is turned on by default, or do I have to activate it by myself ? My second...

TBarn.3 by Associate II
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Controlling a Nucleo-L476RG Board Wirelessly

I am starting a DSP class project that will be auto-adjusting blinds using the Nucleo-L476RG board. To start off, I am wondering how it is possible to control the Nucleo board wirelessly with an android phone. I am aiming to control a stepper motor ...

JEscu.2 by Associate II
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