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How to read OBD CAN data using STM32f103 ? here is reference code i modified

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using the ref code : , Succesfully compiled & flashes to Stm32f103RC using keil ,

Could someone help to debug this code, As i checked, in blu.c file, In BLE_recieve, there is usart_recieve function, then how it'll receive data from USART.

could anyone help me to debug , please check code of github & my minor updated code to fit it for 256kb flash chip STM32f103rc is as fellow :

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Just see, code uses Usart Interuppt to keep checking usart data, but Still, i can't get reponse OK of ATZ command as comoared in BL_Task in Line no. 154 of Main.c, & Line no- 171 , Should give reponse Ok, when i'm sendng ATZ in blutooth terminal.