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How to run Bluetooth

Associate II

I am going to start a project using BLE. And the board I am using is e B-U585I-IOT02A.

There is already a Bluetooth module on this board. And I was thinking, is the Bluetooth is turned on by default, or do I have to activate it by myself ?

My second question is that this module is connected to the broad through UART4. So, will it work to send data data through UART4 to allow a communication between the module (so the board) and a smartphone for example ?

Thank you for your help


BLE is not Bluetooth Classic, is not trivial.

It looks like it the B-U585I-IOT02A has a STM32WB5MMGH6TR BLE module, i dont know if it comes with a preprogrammed ST example.

Even if it does i doubt its a plugNplay solution for your needs.

Anyway, it looks like it has a dedicated SWD connector, so you could use it to flash/debug some code in the BLE STM32WB5 module

0693W00000YATDyQAP.pngWith a quick look i can tell the STM32WB5 is connected to a USB connector, dont know if you need that0693W00000YATESQA5.png 

And is connected to the main STM32U585AII6QU processor trough uart4