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Minimum RAM/Flash for BLE firmware OTA using external BLE Modules?

Associate II

Hi fellas,

I'm interested in implementing the firmware upgrade over the air (OTA) over BLE. I've came across dedicated STM's MCU family STM32WB too. But I'm more concerned about implementing in STM32L0/4 series family of MCU. Which MCU would be suitable for it ?

Apart from MCU support, there would be minimum RAM & Flash requirement to run exisiting code, receive the new firmware & decompressing it & updating the system. In order to attain that what would be the minimum memory constraints?

My previous basic application code is of around 50KB without the BLE stack in it. I've selected 256KB of flash & 64 KB of RAM & selected STM32L0/4 MCU. Whether it is sufficient?

Whether the Secure Core,Dual bank flash memory ,etc are mandatory feature for OTA update ?!

PS : I'm looking in-terms of target/final product & not in terms of Proof-of-Concept