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Battery monitoring and balancing with EVAL-L9963E-MCU

Hi everybody, I´m developing a test rack for battery cells with a total number of 14 cells. Therefor i´d like to use the EVAL-L9963E-MCU board. Unfortunately i´ve got some questions i couldn´t solve using the documentation. According to the documenta...

SPC582B NFC06A1 demo fail

Hi everyoneGood day~I have been working on "SPC582Bxx_RLA AEK COM NFC06A1 Key Detection - Trunk System Control" recently and it seems there are several issues that I have encountered:1. The SPI pin OERC needs to be set to "Strong Driver".2. The "plat...

rsiigod by Associate
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Resolved! Receiving CAN MSG in SPC560p

HelloI'm working on SPC560P and tried to receive CAN message as sample in examples discovery kits in spc5studio but still it's not working. I wrote below code:void cfg0_Fifo_Rx(CANDriver *canp, CANRxFrame crfp){if(crfp.ID == 0x811){pal_lld_togglepad(...

DNewm.1 by Associate III
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ATOM modules 3 - 5 don't work in SPC58EE

Hello. How many ATOM modules are in uC SPC58EE80E7 (the one with dual core and tqpf176)? I have problem with ATOM mod. 3 - 5 that if I try enable any of them, the uC freeze up. In the UDE-STK the program end in unhandled exeption. ATOM mod. 0 - 2 run...

Requirement of LIN STACK

Hi,I going to work on automotive product using LIN protocol using normal STM32 micro controller, can we have a LIN a protocol stack which supports both Master and slave mode. Thanks,   

Resolved! SPC584B70ES - Security Reference Manual

Hi Team,Currently we are trying to prove out the HSM in SPC584B70ES hardware.HSM related information is not available in User manual and data sheet.We need SPC584Bx Microcontroller security reference manual document to refer HSM information.Could you...

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