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yocto mickledore optee build for u-boot fails

u-boot yocto build fails with this messagetest -e arch/arm/dts/stm32mp157c-mydemo-mx.dtb || ( \| echo >&2; \| echo >&2 "Device Tree Source (arch/arm/dts/stm32mp157c-mydemo-mx.dtb) is not correctly specified."; \| echo >&2 "Please define 'CONFIG_DEFAU...

DCMI with embedded syncs BT.656

There are many questions around related to the DCMI and embedded syncs on various forums. ST's documentation is not very helpful in this regard and I could not find any meaningful solutions on the web. I had a similar issue using STM32MP157 - unfortu...

info by Associate II
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STM32MP157 Ethernet issue in uboot-2023.04v

Hello,We are using STM32157AAA3 Processor in our custom board.we are trying to ping ethernet in RMII (100mbps)mode  in uboot (2023.04) version.we are  facing following issues :1. Invalid PHY Interface.2. eqos_probe_failed() -22 No ethernet found  (as...


Resolved! STM32MP157F-DK2 Screen suspend issue

Than try to use this board with Debian Linux + Xorg happened strange behaviour: after one hour screen disabled forever. No any warnings or errors in dmesg. This issue reproduce on kernel from STLinux (5.15.67). Also these steps make same behaviour: e...

BVino.1 by Associate
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Processor selection

Hi,I'm looking for a processor for a camera application that have the following features:MIPI CSI2 interfaceץBT5 connectivity abilities. Small as possible.Application processor like the Cortex A53. Thanks,Avishay.

aasul.1 by Associate
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how to switch off lcd by using drm ?

i‘m not using qt or other 3rd gui framweork, no weston, no x, just direct use drm api,i need switch off lcd after some time is not operated,i google it a while,It looks i need a complete desktop environment to do that,so i want know is any way to do ...

Jzhua by Associate III
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