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HRTIM doesn't run in Fast Mode


I'm trying to use the HRTIM TimerA on the STM32-G474 to generate a one pulse on TA1 output in response to an external event on hrtim_eev1.

I need the pulse to be generate with low latency and low jitter, but I'm not being able to get the Fast mode working.

I've configured external event 1 with level sensing and asynchronous action in CubeMX, but I continue getting high response time latency (>7 cycles of fHRTIM) and a response time jitter of 1 cycle of fHRTIM clock (5.8ns), instead of the minimum jitter I would expect. Also, pulse width has no jitter, as expected when FastMode is disabled.

I start the timer with the HAL_HRTIM_SimpleOnePulseStart function. Afterwards the EE1FAST register (HRTIM_Common->EECR1->EE1FAST) is 0.

I've tried to set it by hand, but with no results.

CubeMX settings are as follows:



Am I doing something wrong?