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Stm32h7 HRtim input capture ability

Can I measure low pulse duration(>10ns) using the STM32H Hrtim?Hi all,I'm new to STM32H7 development. So I'm hoping to get some help to start.I need to measure pulse duration in 5- nanoseconds resolution or less. I then need to transfer the measured ...

Burakgvl by Associate II
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Re: STM32H747XI - What are Timer Channels?

I can build a “timer” using a counter with “decoder” circuitry to create an output signal at a specific time after starting the counter...Alternately, after each clock to the counter, the counters output value could be compared to some register value...

Will_iii by Associate II
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HRTIM Deadtime not correct with external event

 I am creating a power supply that uses the HRTIM.The setup has minimum on time, minimum off time, and deadtimes.The minimum off time is defined as the time between the period and compare 1The minimum on time is between Compare1 + rising deadtime and...

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photon by Associate
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HRTIM variable PWM glitch on STM32F334R8

Hi,I'm generating a variable duty PWM on HRTIM1, Timer A, unit 1. It is configured to 500 kHz, with a 217 ps resolution.I want to update the duty value every 50 kHz. It works, but on some steps, the duty glitches to high state (it seems that the comp...

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MCris.4 by Associate II
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please do not be silent, dear inhabitants of the forum. I want to understand what the problem is. I'm trying to put the output into an active state using a master timerHRTIM_SETx1R installed MSTPER       HRTIM_MPER==1000   HRTIM_MCR installed CONT P...

MTS by Associate II
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Trigger HRTIM capture via SW (i.e. EXTI event)

I use the HAL to setup multiple HRTIM timers on a STM32G4 and I would like to trigger a simultaneous capture across them using software (the reasons for this are complex but it needs to be a simultaneous capture).Currently I have a GPIO output pin lo...