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hello dear forum members.this is the HRTIM_SETx1R register.Bit 2 PER: Timer x Period Timer A Period event forces the output to its active state.what does it mean here "A" ? how does this stand for? how to read it correctly? this is...

MTS by Associate II
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HRTIM external synch

Hi,I am using STM32G474 with STM32CubeIDE.I need to output the pin HRTIM_SCOUT from the master IC to another IC that will work as slave. I am trying for so long... but it is not working.Here is a piece of code that can help understand what I am doing...

DKuro.1 by Associate III
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HRTIM single shot burst generation

Is it possible to configure HRTIM to generate single burst of "n" pulses (triggered by external signal) ?It is simple to do with advanced timers (TIM1, TIM8). Just enable "one-shot" mode, set repetition counter to "n", set period and compare channel ...

Triggering Timer1 from Master HR Timer (HRTimer)

Hello, I am working on STM32G474. I want to trigger Timer 1 from HR timer. I.e. Timer 1 must start after some delay of HR timer A. I made following settings but it is not working. could you please guide me how to trigger Timer 1 from master HR timer.

Nsg1987 by Associate III
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Failing to use SWAP Output 1 and Output 2 function.

Hi, I am trying to use SWAP Output 1 and Output 2 function for HRTIM running with the deadtime function enabled. The description for SWAP function in ref manual says that "the HRTIM_SETA1R and HRTIM_RSTA1R are coding for the output A2, and the HRTIM_...

MYAQO.1 by Associate II
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FMAC control loop issue at lower temperatures

Hi,I am currently working on a synchronous buck converter (24 VDC in and 1-15 VDC, 1-15A out) for which I used the HRTIM of the STM32G474 in combination with the FMAC as a control loop:I mainly followed AN5496 and AN5305 to get my converter up and ru...

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empps by Associate
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stm32g474 hrtimer issue

I meet a confused and unresonable issue about hrtimer with stm32g474mbt6.condition: 1).use timerA to generate 2 channel pwm. Channel 1 is set by CMP1, reset by CMP2; Channel 2 is set by CMP3, reset by CMP4;2). enable preload function, update when res...

FXuef.1 by Associate II
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