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DAC underrun when writing to a HRTIM register

Associate II


I have the following configuration:

1. ADC converts values and writes it to memory with DMA
2. DAC outputs the ADC data also with a DMA
3. Both, the ADC and the DAC are triggered by HRTIM TimerA at a rate of 700kHz

All works fine, I can see the data coming out on DAC.

In my program I need to change the period value of Timer A occasionally. If I do the first write to Timer A 

period register, the DAC stops with a underrun error. I have figured out that it doesn`t matter which HRTIM 

register I write to, if a write happens it ends up in underrun error of DAC. There is no DMA tranfer error only the underrun error. In HRTIM configuration I have enabled preload and I use HAL_HRTIM_UpdateEnable() and HAL_HRTIM_UpdateDisable() before doing a write acces to the registers, but it's still not the solutions and the program ends up in DAC underrun error. 

Additional observation is - the underrun error is not triggered by the first write access to the HRTIM resgisters, there are multiple writes (approx. 3-10) bevor it ends up in DAC underrun error, but it definitely always trigger this error when I write to HRTIM registers, if not, everything works just fine.

I run out of ides what could be the reason, but it must have to do with the write acces generating a trigger, and DAC is inside an write cycle,... 

Waht I have tried so far:

1. Cheking the DAC ready flag befor writing to HARTIM registers


while(!(DAC1->SR & DAC_SR_DAC1RDY));// || !(DAC1->SR & DAC_SR_DAC2RDY)); 

while(!(DAC2->SR & DAC_SR_DAC1RDY)); 


2. Disable DAC, write to HRTIM, enable DAC

3. Disable DMA writing to HRTIM enable DMA





HAL_DAC_Stop_DMA(&hdac1, DAC_CHANNEL_1);

HAL_DAC_Stop_DMA(&hdac2, DAC_CHANNEL_1);



Nothing seems to prevent the DAC underrun, if anyone has any idea where else I could

check - would be so great!

Thanks and regards,