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STM32L562 Using TIM1 to trigger ADC1 Ch1 sampling at 5 kHz with DMA1 storing to a circular buffer. Stores 12 samples, then no further samples stored. What can stop this chain from functioning?

Here is the setup (Using timer 1 - 16 Mhz clock, counter = 3200) using OC channel to produce scope signal on output pin):void MX_TIM1_Init(void) {   /* USER CODE BEGIN TIM1_Init 0 */   /* USER CODE END TIM1_Init 0 */   TIM_ClockConfigTypeDef sC...

Grizz by Associate II
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STM32F4 discovery timer and dma sampling

Good evening to everyone,I'm trying to sample various signals, both low frequency and high frequency. For the low frequency, I'm using a timer, while for the high frequency, I'm using DMA. I would like to perform read scans with the ADC, selecting th...

davidec by Associate III
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ADC reading error

I am using stm32f334r8 for digital power control. I have configured ADC using cube mx Lower level. ADC reads 0 for 40mv input even though ADC is configured to 12bit and 181  sampling cycles. I also tried calibrating ADC before conversion is started. ...

vasudev by Associate II
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STM32H735 ADC DMA Ethernet memory issue

HiI have implemented ADC1 on a DMA and verified its operation. I then implemented the ethernet stack and verified that it can be pinged. The issue I'm having is that the ADC DMA stops working once the ethernet stack is implemented. I believe the erro...

Internal Temperature STM32H7 delivers wrong value

I read the messages in here about wrong temperature values including code examples, but still getting wrong values:I need to measure the internal CPU temperature sensor from the STM32H743XIH6. I activated the ADC3 using STM32CUBEMX (V. 6.9.2) and sel...

Roni by Associate II
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Jitter between ADC1 and ADC2 in ADC + DMA

First of all: I am aware of cannot see how the accepted answer solves the (my?) issue.Setup description:I useSTM32H723VGHxADC1 and ADC2 are setup inDual regula...

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Resolved! ADC Conversion time and Sampling time

I have an stm32f407g.In the reference manual (in the ADC section) I found several terms I am afraid I have confused between them.I would like to explain my reasoning with an example and get your feedback if I said something wrong. -------------------...

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luke514 by Senior
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Resolved! VREFBUF not working on STM32WLE5JC

Hello everyone,I'm trying to set up VREFBUF as an internal reference at 2.5V, but the configuration isn't working. I've seen there were issues with this (VREFBUF Enable Problem - STMicroelectronics Community), but even after rearranging the function ...

grf14 by Associate
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