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Resolved! need help with STM32H750VB Power regulator voltage scale

hi i have a problem where i want to get the stm to 480Mhz clock but in order to do that i have to set the Power regulator voltage scale to 0 but when i do this the micro controller bugs and i cant connect to it the programmer just say no stm32 found ...

bakhti by Associate II
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Resolved! Maximum External Clock supported by stm32F767.

I looked at both the datasheet and Oscillators design document for stm32 controllers. Both suggested the same speed for external Osciallaotrs for stm32F7 controllers that is 4-26 MHz.BUT, in the stm32cubeMx it gives you option to select external HSE ...

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CJami by Associate II
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STM32H7 PSRAM speed

Referring to this discussion: I try to ask here since the problem seems not to be related to touchgfx. I try to riassume my problem.It seems that the access ...

FMC Configuration.jpg FMC Clock.jpg
sbi by Associate III
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Resolved! Can I use VOS0 for low clock speeds?

I'm working on an application that requires a very fast UART speed. The STM32H7 allows a UART speed of 17 Mbps, which is just barely enough, but should work. However, other than the fast UART speed, I don't need to do a lot of processing. I would hav...

Resolved! STM32F405 - Backup SRAM not preserved

I have a STM32F405 with a coin cell on VBAT and I haven't been able to get the Backup SRAM or RTC to preserve contents when removing main power.  The same code works fine on another board that has a STM32F407. //Works on STM32F407 - Fails on STM32F40...

Resolved! Nucleo-144 STM32H755ZI vs STM32F767ZI

Hey there,I am facing a problem with the clocks on the STM32H755ZI. When I let a timer run at 50 kHz I get only smt. like 49.92 kHz out of it with sigma = 13 Hz. So there is at any frequency a steady offset of -1.2% and a sigma deviation of 0.03%. I ...

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lserrnt by Associate II
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