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There was a phenomenon that booting was not possible during the low temperature test.The NRST external switch is equipped with a 100pF capacitor.The datasheet recommends installing 100nF.However, I don't think it will be a problem because the MIN val...

cbyun.1 by Associate
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NUCLEO 144 board power consumption depends on the link order of the compiled objects in your STM32CubeL4/Projects/NUCLEO-L496ZG/Examples/PWR/PWR_ModesSelection example

When running your PWR_ModeSelection example on a NUCLEO-L496ZG board the current consumption in run range 2, 24MHz depends on the order objects are linked in the executable. When the object_list is in this order:hal/stm32l4xx_hal.ohal/stm32l4xx_hal_...

STM32L452 Can't read ADC after WakeUp from deepsleep

In previous time we were using STM32L412RCT6 to do the ADC working, where no problem and work fine, When we have flash memory short, we were decided to migrate to STM32L452RET6 (pin to pin compatible), The issue has occurred, the ADC working fine w...

DShih.1 by Associate II
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Does PVD work in Stop mode?

STM32L072CZTxPVD is configured to trigger INT16 and wake up the MCU.It is working with the MCU in Sleep mode.However, when the MCU is in Stop mode the interrupt does not trigger.After reading RM0376 I am unsure if PVD is supposed to work in Stop mode...

helioz by Associate II
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STM32F745 - Disable Watchdog in Sleep mode

Hello,I am using STM32F745VEHx. I would like to disable the software independent watchdog before microcontroller goes into Sleep low power mode and then re-enable it once microcontroller comes out of Sleep. I can find literature which suggests this c...

LJain.1 by Associate II
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LPBAM Scenario usage multiple analog watchdogs

I've trying for days to get the LPBAM tool to work. The TempSense example project is similar to what i'm trying to do. I'd like to immediately stop2 on power up and continually sample 3 channels. The first condition i'm waiting for is IN1 > 1100, ...

sleon.1 by Associate II
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