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How do you set up LPUART1 with an STM32L452RE?

Hi i'm trying to get the LPUART (PA3, PA2) pins to communicate with my computer via the serial port, but i can't get anything to work. Here is what i'm trying to use at the moment...Sysclock Config:#pragma once   extern "C" void SystemClock_Config(vo...

RBamf.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! DMA LPUART work only once when power on

Hello everyone,I work on a project with STM32L072CBT6.I want to use a DMA RX on LPUART1, after reading differents ressources i have setup my LPUART and my DMA.I want to receive an interrupt from my DMA when transmit IDLE (end of transmit).My problem ...

MLam by Associate III
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STM32L412 LPUART with ST232

Hello,STM32L412 will be in stop mode 2 with LPUART. This device is a slave device, master device wakeup on time schedule and gather data from it by RS232.ST232 is powered by master device. But issue is that when ST232 power is off by master, then it ...

DBhut.1 by Senior
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Why can't I read from more than one UART?

Hello community, I'm new to ST-MCUs, so maybe this question is very basic. I'm developing an application for a customer board with a STM32L051R6TX.For Communication we use USART1 und USART2, for logging I activated LPUART1.On USART1 und USART2 I get ...