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Resolved! STM32H747IGT6 Flash read leading to hardfault

Hi,We have written the data in Flash Bank 2 sector 7 successfully. Power cycled the board and trying to read the stored data from Flash Bank 2 sector 7 and found Hadrdfault error at 64th byte.-> The data stored in the form of char.-> Using HAL librar...

SH.3 by Associate
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Unable to debug STM32 BlackPill

Hi!So i am new to this STM32 family. I purchased a blackpill with STM32F401CCU6. I am trying to get the printf working on it. I followed multiple resources to get it working which included the ITM Data Trace, OpenOCD semihosting, UART, etc. Some chan...

klug by Associate
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Nucleo-F446RE cannot enter into debug mode in CubeIDE

Hi guys, I am using Nucleo-F446RE board in cubeide (version 1.12.1), with basically every step was by defalut when I created new project, a problem occured when I tried to debug, as it showed " Error finishing flash operation " , anyone got any idea...

TTong.3 by Associate II
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Debugging from bank 2

I'm working with Nucleo-f439zi board.I use dual banking feature.I cannot find a way to debug from bank 2how to debug application from bank 2 ?

I am working with an STM32F429 in a project and I am seeing random BusFaults, captured against erroneous execution of ldr r4, [r2, #12]. This is one example.

I am working with an STM32F429 in a project and I am seeing random BusFaults in random code locations, very infrequently but obviously problematic. I traced one earlier to this instruction ldr r4, [r2, #12].You'll see from the screen capture attached...

JSimp.2 by Associate II
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