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To write I2C functions using interrupts and DMA

Bonjour,Pouvez-vous me dire pourquoi cette façon d'écrire lors d'une transmission I2c par interruption ou DMA ne fonctionne pas :annuler PAC194X_Transmit(s_PAC194X *pObj){           HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit_IT(&pObj->I2C, (pObj->I2C_ADD<<1), pObj->Buf...

Rom by Associate
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Migrating from L431CCU6 to F412CEU6

Hello,I'm planning to migrate from L431CCU6 to F412CEU6 MCU and as per CubeMX, all the pins and power scheme matches. But I see there is Vcap on pin 22 of F412 MCU. Is it okay to skip it with below setup? Adding this cap will need redesign and we wan...



Hello everyone I am trying to receive file form UART through Xmodem protocol I am getting file in debug mode but unable to get into run mode it showing  UART Rx busy basically hanging over these function while (!(HAL_UART_GetState(&huart4) == HAL_UAR...

PESHWA by Associate II
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Resolved! ADC output ranging about 2000 up to 4095

I'm running an STM32L452RCTX uC, and I'm trying to implement a 2.5Vref+ ADC.Things weren't looking quite right on the pins I intend to implement, so for now I'm driving a floating TP with a power supply so I can directly test input vs output.When dri...

APTT_0-1701355234848.png APTT_0-1701354855868.png APTT_1-1701354898880.png
APTT by Associate II
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STM32: DCMI sends unreadable data to terminal

Hi Community! I managed to communicate between the STM32-L4A6 (Nucleo-L4A6ZG) and the OV5640 camera module. I can read the camera's ID, set its modes, and even get image data. But there's a problem: the characters in the data I receive turn into unre...

nicola3 by Associate II
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DAC via opamp follower

Hi all,I am in the process of bringing up a prototype board with a STM32L4R7ZIT6 up. I'm using one DAC channel via the opamp. This is working all right, until I designate the default output of the DAC to another function e.g. dig output. The DAC is c...

Low power on STM32L4 series using RTOS

I've been trying to implement low power modes on an STM32 L496 (Nucleo board) while using RTOS. I've tried with both freeRTOS and ThreadX. I followed official ST articles/tutorials and the lowest I got so far has been ~250 uA.  So, has anyone been ab...

Ans by Associate III
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USB HUB for M4 Controller

Hi we're using STM32L412RBT6P controller for our development process and NUCLEO-L412RB-P is the evaluation board we've chosen, and the selected controller has  USB 2.0 full-speed crystal less solutionwith LPM and BCD and according to the requirement ...