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Resolved! FreeRtos not all tasks are running

Hello, I have a problem with threads. All of them are of same priority, with osDelay(300), except the uartThread which has osDelay(1). Everything else is the same for all threads. I have allocated 20k of HEAP and in ioc file it says im using only 3.5...

PPopo.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! stm32l431rct HardFault using spi, adc , RTOS

Hello im Khoi. i get big trouble with stm32l431rct, when i using freeRtos . Task1 i using spi comunication . Task2 i get ADC DMA . When i disable Task2 program no problem. But i enable task2 get problem spi hardfault-Handler . Excuse me :(( 

Resolved! stm32l431rct6: SD detect pin question

Sorry, are there has a pin call or used for SD_detect in Stm32l431rct6? I can not find in STM32L431xx Datasheet - production data. These has no mention.I do not know which pin(SD-Detect)should i choose for GPIO_Input of the FATS.

Facing unknown runtime error

Getting this error "assertion "Balloc succeeded" failed: file "/build/gnu-tools-for-stm32_10.3-2021.10.20211105-1100/src/newlib/newlib/libc/stdlib/mprec.c", line 778" in runtime for stm32l452ret6p microcontroller. I am doing baremetal programming and...

SSaiy.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32L496QGI3 Vbat pin connection

Hi, Can the VBAT pin on this part be left floating? I currently have the pin disconnected. Or should it be tied to VDD or GND in order for the part to function properly?  Thanks,   

WAkba.1 by Associate
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Hi all!I'm currently programming a pulser and have to write a list of registers. I prepared the communication on SPI (which works), only to realise the pulser can only be programmed over QSPI.Now I'm having some issues switching my code from SPI to Q...

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Resolved! A Question regarding DMA controller trigger source

Hi, STM experts, This question is regarding STM32L4 series MCU. It is about DMA controller's trigger.Let's say we have two DMA channel, DMA_A and DMA_B. Is it possible to configure the system so that when DMA_A's task is finished, DMA_A send a trigge...

JC1985 by Associate II
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