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ADC for battery voltage monitor

Hi,I am using a STM32L4ZIT6 MCU. I want to monitor 4.2V Lipo battery voltage on an ADC pin. I have experimented two approaches:First:I used a 332k - 820k divider in order to drain low queiescent current. This is an high impendance measurement, where ...

lukin by Associate III
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DAC via opamp follower

Hi all,I am in the process of bringing up a prototype board with a STM32L4R7ZIT6 up. I'm using one DAC channel via the opamp. This is working all right, until I designate the default output of the DAC to another function e.g. dig output. The DAC is c...

GeertZelf by Associate III
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Putting STM32L452 Sleep Mode

I'm developing a board with an STM32L452 and would like to find out if I can low the power consumption.The current draining is 35mA, my goal is lower it to 20mA or less to achieve a requirement.I've tried putting the device to sleep putting SLEEP MOD...

jkfc95 by Associate
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STM32L476RG UART with DMA using Reception Till Idle

I've encountered an issue while implementing code on an STM32L476RG Nucleo board to receive variable-length data from Tera Term using USART2 in asynchronous mode. The baud rate is set to 1 Mbps with a 16 MHz sysclk. However, the code doesn't accurate...

Devesh by Associate
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Resolved! HEX file with 32 Byte data line

Hi,my post build command produces the following output with 16 Byte per data line:  :020000040802F0 :1000000000000120E9C00008593D0008CD3D00086E :100010001D3E00081F3E0008213E000800000000B1arm-atollic-eabi-objcopy.exe -O ihex --gap-fill 0x00 --pad-to 0...

Martin42 by Associate III
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I am following the tutorial from the tutorial(32F746GDISCOVERY) User manual has showed MicroSDcard_detect is pin PC13.I can not find my pin name of stm32l431rct6 Datasheet for MicroSDcard_detect pin....