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EEPROM emulation: working principle

Hello everyone,I'm currently working on an STM32L433 microcontroller and, considering cost and space-saving aspects, I opted to implement an EEPROM emulation library. While I've been going through the related documents, I've encountered a few uncerta...

filogold by Associate
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LPTIM count error on STM32L476RG

Hello,I am experiencing counting errors (specifically overflow counting errors) on LPTIM1.A bit of context first: the goal is to use the LPTIM1 to count pulses which are first treated by the COMP1 (to convert the input signal into an all-or-nothing s...

For STOP2, Is it necessary to disable unused peripherals?

Hi,I'm using a NUCLEO-L452RE and wanted to check out current in different low power modes.With only the basic pins configured, I can measure <7uA in Stop2. Not bad.using: HAL_PWREx_EnterSTOP2Mode(PWR_STOPENTRY_WFI);Problem I have is if I configure th...

ejb068 by Associate II
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Resolved! LPTimer counts only to 1 if running on LSE

Hi, I'm using on a STM32L4R9 a LPTimer1 in interrupt mode. If i use it with the PCLK1, HSI or LSI as clocksource it works as expected. It counts to the ARR value and then the interrupt occours. If i use the LSE as clocksource the LPTimer seems only t...


Hi,We have build a custom board based on the STM32L4R9I-EVAL, On our board we also used PSRAM IS66WVH8M8ALL-100We are facing a problems using this  PSRAM and we saw in the following forum discussions that it's a known issue and that the STM32L4R9 Doe...

YossefZ by Associate
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