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Resolved! STM32H753VIT6 SD-card SDR104

Hi,I would like to use this device: STM32H753VIT6 to communicate withan SD-card in SDR104 mode.As I understand it would require an I/O voltage on the card side of 1.8V. This is where I become insecure if the given device can generate this voltage int...

tyassin by Associate II
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KSZ8863RLL (dual PHY) - datasheet typo/error?

Heyho,first of all, I know this is a Microchip product, but their forum is rather dead.And I have seen some people here using the KSZ8863RLL. So please bear with me... I'm currently working on a big and complex PCB including the "dual PHY" KSZ8863RLL...

LCE by Lead III
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Resolved! STM32H7B0 internal flash gets erased during runtime

Hi,We develop a device based on STM32H7B0. We use this microcontroller with QSPI external flash. In the internal flash we keep our bootloader and in the external flash resides application code. We are now testing our devices and we had 3 cases when t...

ypiotrp by Senior
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Internal Temperature STM32H7 delivers wrong value

I read the messages in here about wrong temperature values including code examples, but still getting wrong values:I need to measure the internal CPU temperature sensor from the STM32H743XIH6. I activated the ADC3 using STM32CUBEMX (V. 6.9.2) and sel...

Roni by Associate II
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STM32H7 Dual Core, GPIO is not set after power reset

Hello,I am experimenting on the STM32H45 Discovery Board (Dual Core) to use some GPIOs from different Core-Context.I initialized few Pins only for the CM7 and few dedicated pins only for the CM4. When I perform a debug session, all the mentioned pin...

Floki.1 by Associate II
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Boot in dualcore micro

Hello everyone,I'm seeking guidance on creating a custom dual-core boot using only an external flash.Previously, I managed to accomplish this for a single-core microcontroller, with the bootloader residing in the internal flash while other code (main...

Resolved! FreeRTOS STM32H743ZI FPU Assembler Error

Hi there,I’m trying to compile a project using the STM32H743ZI2 Nucleo board with STM32CUBE Framework with FreeRTOS with PlatformIO.The project can be found here:Zafeer_FreeRTOSFromGroundUp/PlatformIO/17_WorkingWithQueueSets at main · ZafeerAbbasi/Za...

Resolved! Nucleo-H745ZI - USART via ST-LINK

Using a Nucleo-H745ZI, board revision D-01.According to rev. 5 of UM2408 "User Manual STM32H7 Nucleo-144 boards (MB1363)"USART3 is available via ST_Link. Table 12 lists the config for the virtual com port as the default configHowever, my board had SB...

MEde.1 by Associate II
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