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Extremely Large Binary Size When Using DTCMRAM

Hi, I am working on a project with the STM32H730. In order to make full use of the onboard memory I have the project set up to load some objects into DTCMRAM. This works, however the binary size is huge, like 403 MB, and subsequently is crashing cube...

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 9.08.12 AM.png Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 1.12.44 PM.png
EPala.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! Having trouble with NSS control using STM32H742VIT6

Hello,I've configured SPI1 on STM32H742VIT6 connected to pins PA4-7 using AF5.Here is a dump of the relevant SPI1 registers:SPI1->CR1 = 00000001 SPI1->CR2 = 00000000 SPI1->CFG1 = 70000007 SPI1->CFG2 = 20400000 SPI1->SR = 00001002The MCU should be...

briankaz by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H7 dual core -- watchdog not firing?

So, this is a weird one. We're attempting to bring up watchdog timers on both cores of our product.We're not seeing the CM4 WWDG watchdog fire when we intentionally lock the CM4 in a while loop with no refreshes to the watchdog timer. (I haven't trie...

Resolved! optimize and TCM

Hi,I'm using H723 for programming,and TCM ram is in use.when compiler optimization feature is on,code can not work.Is it not possible to use TCM while turning on optimization? or requires some setup? Regards,Binge

Binge by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H725ZGT6 hangs after programming

Hello friends, i have the following setup:STM32H725ZGT6 on a selfmade board. STM32 CubeMX (default program with HSI clock and without any other peripherals). Keil µVision 5.23ULINK2 Debugger problem:I can program the controller ("verify successfull" ...

TimK1 by Associate
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Hello,  I am trying to install FileX + LevelX in an stm32h7 microcontroller using a nor custom driver. I do have in my hardware an AT45DB641 NOR memory. I am working it as an stand alone and also with fault tolerant enable. My flash chip does have 40...

urbito by Associate III
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Resolved! Cannot read ID from external flash (OSPI1) on STM32H735-DK

Hello all, I was trying to follow the example in MOOC - STM32H72x/3x hands-on workshop - 6 Code execution from external FLASHI have configured the OSPI as per the board requirements in CubeMX. But the `OSPI_Init()` function fails while trying to read...

NRedd.2 by Associate II
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