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Setting the F407 FSMC WaitSignalPolarity default value

Hi All,I have a 407 connected to an FPGA using the FSMC interface.When I compile my device configuration from ST Cube, the WaitSignalPolarity value in the MX_FSMC_Init routine is always set to: FSMC_WAIT_SIGNAL_POLARITY_LOW. On my system I need this ...

Toneski by Associate II
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Migrating from L431CCU6 to F412CEU6

Hello,I'm planning to migrate from L431CCU6 to F412CEU6 MCU and as per CubeMX, all the pins and power scheme matches. But I see there is Vcap on pin 22 of F412 MCU. Is it okay to skip it with below setup? Adding this cap will need redesign and we wan...



Hii,Can someone please help me out in configuring QSPI in DTR mode to read and write data to the external QSPI memory. What all configurations are required to change to switch from STR to DTR? I am using STM32F469xx MCU with MT25QL128ABA NOR Flash in...

RF shielding / leakage problem

We have one of our products failing a certification test because the radiated RF energy at 168 MHz is too high. This 168 MHz being the MCU clock frequency. The treshold is only exceeded by 0.8 dB so that's really annoying. We could solve this by plac...

RHarte by Associate II
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Stop Mode with F413VGT6 controller

Hello,I am Currently working on STM32 Low Power Mode and For an Application, I have to Wake Up the Controller from CAN Receive Interrupt. Although In the Datasheet it is mentioned that wakeup is possible using External Interrupt and RTC but I would l...

STM32F412VG - CAN SCE Interrupt problem

Hi,I have a problem in my program with the CAN SCE Interrupt. I work with a STM32F412VG but I have the same problem with a STM32F413VG, STM32F103C8 and STM32F042K6. And I work with MikroPascal Pro IDE from MikroElektronika.I try to get an interrupt w...

RCLER.1 by Associate
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The strange GPIO pullup output voltage

I tried 3 boards F407vet6 x2 and F427 x1.I found both pullup and pulldown gpio output in PP and OD will put a low voltage. 20mV in down and 50 mv in up.This situation is based on the stdperiph-LibHowever, use the Hal-Lib to implement the gpio output,...

Rian by Associate
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