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Stop Mode with F413VGT6 controller

Hello,I am Currently working on STM32 Low Power Mode and For an Application, I have to Wake Up the Controller from CAN Receive Interrupt. Although In the Datasheet it is mentioned that wakeup is possible using External Interrupt and RTC but I would l...

STM32F412VG - CAN SCE Interrupt problem

Hi,I have a problem in my program with the CAN SCE Interrupt. I work with a STM32F412VG but I have the same problem with a STM32F413VG, STM32F103C8 and STM32F042K6. And I work with MikroPascal Pro IDE from MikroElektronika.I try to get an interrupt w...

RCLER.1 by Associate
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The strange GPIO pullup output voltage

I tried 3 boards F407vet6 x2 and F427 x1.I found both pullup and pulldown gpio output in PP and OD will put a low voltage. 20mV in down and 50 mv in up.This situation is based on the stdperiph-LibHowever, use the Hal-Lib to implement the gpio output,...

Rian by Associate
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Resolved! Confusion in understating the FLASH STRUCTURE OF M4

Hii thereI am using STM32F410RB (M4). it has a flash of 128 KB divided into following 4  sectorsMy query is that I want to store and retain some non-volatile data in the flash. We can use the last few pages of the flash for this purpose. I have come ...

skuma.8 by Associate II
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STM32F4 and 5V tolerant GPIOs for USB usage

Hi!I have STM32F469 and I am analysing how to connect an USB port to it.My MCU will act as a device. PC will be the host.My MCU has power supply equal to 3.3V which is created via LDO which is independently powered (not from VBUS, from host’s USB).MC...

ELowe_0-1701251233613.png ELowe_1-1701251233641.png
ELowe by Associate II
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Bought an item on Nov 20 and still at Export Hold

I bought this Buy STM32F429I-DISC1 - ST Online Store on the 20th of November and the status says "Export Hold". There are no tracking information available. How do I contact them to know what is going on with my order? My order number is ST124096

Makrine by Associate
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STM32F412RGT6 adc problem

Hello all,i am facing a problem while wokring with adc on stm32f412rgt6. i am facing problem of adc accuracy i am using 5 analog channel (ADC1_AN1, ADC1_AN10, ADC1_AN11, ADC_AN12, ADC_AN13) in discontinous mode.when i am connecting analog input pin t...

sanju by Senior
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안녕.HAL_UART_Emul_Receive_DMA 및 HAL_UART_Emul_Transmit_DMA를 사용하고 있습니다.1Byte R/W를 시도 중입니다. stm32 go Error_Handler();코드를 어떻게 변경해야 하나요? 감사합니다. 

JLee.21 by Associate II
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Regarding PDM to PCM conversion

Hi team, i am using STM32F446 NUCLEO  BOARD WITH MP23DB02M.I refered appnote UM2372I also referd YouTube playlist in your community also.I haven't cleared how to convert pdm to pcm.Please give some block diagram view of the algorithm or code.please d...