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Hi,I'm currently using the STM32F103 SPI to read the MKI194V1, but I've noticed that the ID I'm reading is always 0x4A. Could you please help me check if there's an issue, or provide any sample code?I also take a photo of the MKI194V1. The marking on...


Trigger a dma spi communication by timer

Hi I like to find out How i can start a spi communication with DMA by a timer i tried to search a lot on google for this but didnt found any solution for the SPL and a F4.My Problem is i try to read out a ADC connected to SPI 1 very fast first i trie...

SKrau by Associate II
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Resolved! slave spi on stm32f4 receives incorrect data

I have an jetson xavier driving STM32F407G-DISC1 on SPI1 default pins : PA4/5/6/7 .The SPI_FLAG_RXNE flag behaviour is very strange, resulting in wrong values being received.Config used:/* SPI1 parameter configuration*/hspi1.Instance =         SPI1;h...

spi_expected.png spi_actual.png
deep by Associate II
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Continuous data transfer via SPI.

I am using the code from this post to connect STM32F407  to ili9341 display TFT_DC_SET(); Enables recording of data to the display.The speed for transferring data to the display is very important, so I need continuous data transfer. The SPI_SR_BSY bi...

MMust.5 by Senior II
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SCB_InvalidateDCache_by_Addr not operating correctly

Using twin STM32H7B3I EVAL boards to develop master and slave firmware.Found that slave board was experiencing overruns on SPI slave receive.Revised SPI slave implementation to use DMA.Found incredibly bizarre data corruption, after some number of go...

sending same data over DMA

I'm using stm32u535 and LIS3DHTR accelerometer. The accelerometer has a 32 FIFO buffer, and I set it up so that it sends a signal to interrupt pin when FIFO is full. To read data, I need to send 0xE900,0x0000,0x0000 (saved in uint16_t  ACC_READ_ALL_D...

btd5 by Associate
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Flexible SPI clock frequency

Hi,We have a need for arbitrary SPI clock frequencies. I looked at ~10 families and most STM32 micro-controllers seem to be limited to prescalers that divide the PCLK by a power of two. I found the STM32H7 but it is wildly over-specified for our appl...

pietrow by Associate
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Resolved! Interface with external ADC via SPI at 1MS/s

Hi all,I am using the NUCLEO-F446RE with the STM32F446RE. I am trying to interface with an external dual sampling differential ADC: ADS9224R.ADC Timing DiagramThe ADC can provide samples at up to 3M/s. I would be happy to achieve ~0.8M/s sampling.I h...

CPurc.1 by Associate II
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STM32L452CC SPI send wrong data

Hi, Its my first post. Im trying a STM32L452 and IIS3dwb on SPI2 (SPI2_CLK on PB13). When I send the WHO_AM_I command, the SPI2_MOSI send only 0x0F instead 0x8F (0x0F OR 0x80). SPI2 setup is CPOL = High, CPHA = 2 Egde, 8 bits, MSB First, Baud Rate = ...

fmaesso by Associate
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Resolved! STM32L0 SPI and CS HAL Speed

Hi there!First time on the community, but have been programming with STM32s for some time now. I am currently facing a speed challenge using the HAL_SPI_Transmit() function. In order to toggle the CS line, I have always done something along the lines...

bwefers by Associate
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