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Resolved! Switching time for mux on Opamp

Various STM32 products have opamps that have a mux in front of it.Ex: STM32G4, STM32F3, STM32H7 series, etc.If I change the mux input setting using the control status register (OPAMPx_CSR::VP_SEL or VN_SEL), how long does it take for the mux to switc...

Resolved! Is it possible to implement a peripheral on-the-fly?

Hi everyone,I am using a STM32G474VETx chip and I have an issue with two peripherals being in conflict.I need to use the OPAMP1 input pin (PA1) for current sensing purposes. The OPAMP1 mode required is "PGA not connected" which automatically configur...

Resolved! Unexpected Gain in OPAMP_PGA in G431

I am testing Examples/OPAMP/OPAMP_PGA/ in G4 package code, only to find the gain is not consistent as showed below:The OPAMP input values are 0.01,0.03, ..., 0.15, and gain is 16.However, I measured output at ADC side, the gain drops significant as i...

HDaji.1 by Senior
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how to make DAC hold stable output voltage

I am testing OPAMP_PGA example code.Here is the DAC config code: /** DAC channel OUT1 config */ sConfig.DAC_HighFrequency = DAC_HIGH_FREQUENCY_INTERFACE_MODE_AUTOMATIC; sConfig.DAC_DMADoubleDataMode = DISABLE; sConfig.DAC_SignedFormat = DISA...

HDaji.1 by Senior
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Resolved! Buffered DAC or OPAMP max current ouput?

Hello,I don't find on the STM32H730ZB datasheet a clear information about the maximum current output for the DAC ( with or without a OPAMP in follower). I plan to drive a LED from 100µA to 10mA maximum.Today, I have an externaI op-amp & mosfet but I ...